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Clyde, a seasoned hair stylist!

Clyde, a seasoned hair stylist, is an icon of expertise and creativity at Clyde's Salon in Gilbert, Arizona. In the business for more than 40 years, Clyde has become a trusted name in the local beauty industry.

Located in Gilbert Arizona.


Clyde's Salon is more than just a place for hair care—it's a haven for transformation and self-expression. Clyde's passion for hairstyling is evident in every cut, color, and style he creates. Clients are not just patrons; they are entrusting their locks to a maestro who understands the artistry of hair.

Clyde's wealth of experience has witnessed the evolution of hairstyles and actively contributed to shaping them. His


clientele spans generations, a testament to his timeless elegance. Beyond his technical proficiency, Clyde is celebrated for his warm demeanor, creating a welcoming atmosphere where clients feel at ease sharing their visions.

In the vibrant landscape of Gilbert, Clyde's Salon, under Clyde's guidance, remains a pillar of creativity and professionalism. Whether a classic cut or a bold new look, Clyde continues to weave his magic, creating the cut and style for you! 

Find some of Clyde's creations at

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