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Color Transformation!

Clyde, owner of Clyde's Salon, Gilbert, AZ. After a consultation, we decided to changed the color and cut it altogether. Covering up all the current colors and starting from scratch creating a much better finish! She had so many shades of blonde in her hair. After repeated hi-liting, her hair color became very dull and unmanageable. Her midshaft and ends were very dry and broken. I transitioned her blonde hair to a rich, inviting shade of brown, using Goldwell TopChic permanent color 5N and 5BG with a 20Vol. developer to transform her hair color! After I finished the color, cut, and style, she could see some liter sun-kissed colors from old hi-lite! Clyde ensured a seamless and natural transition, enhancing the client's features and complementing her skin tone. As the client admired her new hair color in the salon's mirror, a sense of satisfaction and confidence filled the room. Clyde's skillful artistry again left a delighted client feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

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