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Create hi lites with base color!

Are you tired of the same old hair color? Looking to upgrade

your style with something new? Look no further than adding in a few hi lites! Clyde at Clyde's Salon Gilbert can take your already existing base color and create hi lites.

For this client, I created hi lites by using her base color Goldwell color 8NA to break up her old hi lited hair. Check out To view other before and after pics.

Being her hair was over hi lited already using the base color formula to create hi lites made the most sense. I used plastic film to separate the sections I wanted to color. Also using this technique will help the integrity of the hair. After processing I shampooed her with Loma Nourishing Shampoo. I used Goldwell Gloss toner to reduce any brassiness from the remaining hi lited hair, and Rinsed and conditioned her hair with Loma Nourishing conditioner giving her a very fresh Shiny finish! Find Loma hair products in my online store. Just click the link below

I cut about 4 inches from her length with shorter, layered hair, Styling would be much easier for home maintenance.

I finished her styling with a blow dry with a round brush!

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