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Fun Color

Creating a beautiful color cut and style for this client. Beginning with {Goldwell color line}, base color, or root regrowth with a level 6N plus 6RB for the target color. While her regrowth was processing I sliced sections at sharp angel to create hi lites with bleach and 40 volume developer. I lived her hair to a level 9. I also added Oleplex to both color and hi lite to help protect the hair during the lifting process.

After pressing time was complete I shampooed very quickly with Loma Nourishing Shampoo so as not to stain the new hilites!

I toned with Goldwell Gloss Toner 9PV after 10 minutes I rinsed then conditioned her hair with Loma Nourishing Conditioner Treatment. I added a leave in conditioner {Amika Vault} for added protection.

Her cut is straight forward just a clean up as she is trying to grow her hair out!

For her blow dry I used Amika Brooklyn bombshell blowout spray to create the finish style.

The finished look is fresh, glamorous, and beautiful!

The client and I were both thrilled with the results! She left smiling!

Clyde at believes in making each and every client feel beautiful, inside and out!

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Shampoo, conditioner and finishing products can be purchased from my online store!

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