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Slow Fix!

Updated: Apr 5

For totally damaged hair, a slow fix is best.

This client's hair was so damaged by over hi liting, hi lites were out of the question!

On her first visit at Clyde's Salon we had a very serious conversation regarding the damage to her hair, and the best way to fix it. Together we decided to schedule an appointment to create a new cut for her. Color and hi lites were going to have to wait six to eight weeks.

After her first cut, I decided to do an (Ash Gloss Toner) to accomplish two things control the brassy tones and add shine and conditioning to the hair. The first cut and toner changed her look completely! Her second cut and toner showed even more improvement!

#hairbyclyde #clydessalon

To take care of her hair she went to my online store to purchase products!

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